At Trans Expert Inc., we strive for total customer satisfaction, and that includes our relationships with our team members. Our work culture is one of collaboration and shared commitment to our values of integrity, safety, and organizational excellence. When looking for candidates to join our team, Trans Expert Inc. seeks professionals who share in these commitments and who want to develop their careers in transportation and logistics as part of a company that values their efforts and supports their growth.

Why Work for Trans Expert Inc.?

Trans Expert Inc. is an innovative provider of transportation and logistics services throughout North America. We seek individuals to join our team who share our commitment to customer service and who want to grow and develop their careers in the transportation field by overcoming challenges and breaking through barriers to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. We offer a number of advantages to our employees, not the least of which are our absolute commitment to safety and our shared values of teamwork and excellence.

Safety is the number one priority at Trans Expert Inc., and that starts with our trained and dedicated drivers. Our Vision Zero safety program seeks to reduce safety incidents to zero, and also includes zero tolerance for unsafe behavior and practices.

Our culture at Trans Expert Inc. is one of collaborative problem solving. At Trans Expert Inc., you’re not just a driver. You’re the point of contact with our customers. You’re the individual responsible for the safe and timely delivery of our customers’ most important freight. Every promise that we make as a company relies on your abilities and your professionalism. At Trans Expert Inc., we never forget that. If you are interested in working for a transportation company that truly values your contributions, we invite you to consider joining us.

Driver Recruitment

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and to our employee’s safety, at Trans Expert Inc. we seek driver candidates with outstanding safety records and current certifications. We are proud of or reputation for hiring and training the best drivers in North America. Our compensation programs are highly competitive and reflect our commitment to excellence.

To be considered for employment with Trans Expert Inc. as a driver, you must have a clean CVOR, a current driver’s abstract, and a current police clearance. We require a minimum of three previous job references, which are thoroughly checked. Driver candidates also must pass a road test and a knowledge test for border-crossing procedures and for proper logbook completion. Candidates who pass these tests are then sent for drug and alcohol testing and then will receive a full day of orientation training through Trans Expert, a third-party provider.

If you are seeking a challenging and rewarding career as a driver with one of North America’s most innovative and mission-focused companies, we encourage you to apply for employment with us.

At Trans Expert Inc., our standards are rigorous. We value transportation and logistics team members who bring their own commitment to excellence with them and who value being part of a company that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is the top priority at TRANS EXPERT Inc. The safety and security of our workers and our workplace is paramount. We demonstrate this commitment through our Vision Zero safety program. Through Vision Zero, TRANS EXPERT Inc. is on a journey to achieve:

• Zero fatalities
• Zero injuries
• Zero motor vehicle incidents
• Zero net environmental emissions
• Zero tolerance of unsafe behavior and practices

Our Vision Zero safety program is backed by thorough safety rules and guidelines, extensive training, and, our annual Stop for Safety Session. At TRANS EXPERT Inc., safety is ingrained in our culture. Transportation safety, warehouse safety, and cargo security are fundamental goals and we strive to achieve excellence in these areas both for our employees and our customers.