Environmental Leadership

We Care About the Environment. And We Prove It

At Trans Expert Inc., we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen by working constantly to reduce our impact on the environment.

TRANS EXPERT Inc. is a certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a SmartWay transportation provider. As a SmartWay Carrier Partner, we track all of our environmental performance data for use in sustainability reports and carbon accounting. We put these latest technologies to work in order to measure, benchmark, and report carbon emissions, then we analyze this information so that we can promote maximum efficiency and improve our environmental performance.

Our commitment ranges from operating the latest, most fuel-efficient and most aerodynamically engineered fleet vehicles, to training our professional drivers to reduce time spend idling and employing paperless recordkeeping procedures. We make use of the latest technologies in advanced vehicle design, fuel efficiency, routing and logistical software, and driver training to reduce overall carbon emissions.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

We share our partners’ commitment to sustainability. Our logistical partners demand accountability and transparency, and one way in which Trans Expert Inc. meets that demand is through our SmartWay certification. We are able to demonstrate to our partners that Trans Expert Inc. pursues the highest standards in carbon counting and fuel efficiency.

By benchmarking and monitoring our performance, we are able to produce metrics that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and help our partners do the same. Since 2004, EPA’s SmartWay program has helped its partners prevent the emission of more than 72 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. We’re proud to be a part of that success, and we remain committed to doing our part to reduce and ameliorate the effects of climate change.

Promoting sustainability and working toward a healthier environment is part of everything we do at Trans Expert Inc. As we strive to improve fuel efficiency, we also seek to reduce waste in other areas, through such methods as using paperless systems, and increasing the energy efficiency of our facilities. We will continue to work toward greater improvements in our sustainability practices and in demonstrating the effectiveness of our efficient practices to our customers.