Our Core Values and Beliefs

Safety | Efficiency | On-Time Service

For us at Trans Expert Inc., we know that our business is about more than providing reliable freight transportation services to our customers. That is why we strive to remain true to our core values:


Honesty in our relationships with our employees, our customers, and stakeholders, is the foundation of our business. We deal fairly with our business partners, our vendors, our employees, and the public at large.

Safety and Environmental Stewardship

We believe in a collaborative atmosphere of constant improvement, not only to improve efficiency but also to ensure the safety of our people, our customers and the public, and to promote environmental consciousness and sustainability.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We seek to go beyond providing good customer service to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Honoring our commitments to customers, striving for excellence, and generating greater value are key components of our company.

Employee Excellence

We create a culture of belonging, where everyone is welcome. We support our employees’ growth, finding new ways in which they can contribute to Trans Expert Inc. and in which Trans Expert Inc. can contribute to their continued growth and development. Our people are treated with dignity and respect.

Organizational Excellence

Our Company is driven by performance and we strive for excellence in all areas. We hold ourselves accountable for results. We collaborate with our customers to discover more efficient, more cost-effective ways to deliver ever better results.