We Are Leader

in the implementation of the latest technology

Trans Expert Inc. is a leader in the implementation of the latest technology to improve customer service and deliver efficient, cost-effective, on-time delivery of our transportation and logistics services throughout North America. We’ve earned a reputation as one of our industry’s most technologically advanced companies through our commitment to constantly improving customer experience and remaining on top of the latest developments in freight transportation and delivery.

Satellite Tracking

Visibility is the key to supply chain performance. We offer satellite tracking, delivering to our customers’ real-time transparency throughout the freight shipment process.

Electronic Logs

Trans Expert Inc. has moved to a paperless, electronic log-keeping system, which not only promotes our commitment to environmental stewardship, but also places in the hands of logistics professionals

SmartWay Fleet

Our vehicle fleet is SmartWay certified. More and more, customers are demanding that their freight transportation partners demonstrate their commitment to