Cross-Border Services

Trans Expert Inc. has long specialized in cross-border transportation services for customers in Canada and the United States. We have helped North American businesses on both sides of the border and have the knowledge and experience to expedite your cross-border shipments.

Importantly, Trans Expert Inc. reduces the complexity of cross-border shipping and makes sure that your shipment moves as efficiently across the Canada-U.S. border as it does throughout its entire trip to your destination. Our experienced team will work with you to make sure that all aspects of customs and duties are handled and that there are no surprises.

Your shipment will be monitored from pickup to delivery and as it makes its way through the Canada-U.S. border gateway location most ideally suited for efficient service. Our years of experience in cross-border shipments ensures that we can remove the headaches from the process of shipping freight between Canada and the United States so you can focus on your customers.