Full truckload

Full truckload (FTL) services

For higher-volume service, or for when a dedicated truck is vital to our customer’s unique transportation needs, Trans Expert Inc. offers FTL services. FTL service is also ideal for high-risk shipments, such as delicate freight and extremely time-sensitive freight.

When deciding on what shipping services are best for your needs, our trained, professional logistics staff members will help you determine your best options and help you control costs. If you have a large shipment, a delicate shipment, a temperature-sensitive shipment, or a time-sensitive shipment, FTL may be the service that suits you best.

Our expert staff can plan and execute an FTL shipment to meet your specific needs or develop for you a complete logistics plan to meet ongoing shipping requirements. Trans Expert Inc. can exceed your expectations for FTL freight movements, with on-time delivery and excellence in customer service.