Why choose us ?

100% Customer Satisfaction

Why Choose Trans Expert Inc.?

Choosing a transportation provider for your business is an important decision, one that can not only affect your immediate bottom line but ultimately your own relationships with your customers and strategic partners. At Trans Expert Inc., we never lose sight of the important role we play in our customers’ success.

The Trans Expert Inc. value proposition includes:

• 100% customer satisfaction commitment
• Dedicated team of experienced drivers and logistics professionals
• Modern, up-to-date fleet of more than 190 units, which includes 70+ trucks, 120+ dry vans and temperature-controlled units
• 24/7/365 dispatch
• Satellite tracking with real-time location updates
• Personalized service
• Outstanding reliability
• Performance that exceeds expectations
• Time-critical book-in freight
• On-time delivery
• Cost – Effective Solutions
• 24/7 security and monitored yard

When you choose to partner with Trans Expert Inc., you’re selecting a premier provider of transportation and logistics solutions that is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, that has the modern fleet and leading-edge technologies to deliver outstanding results, and a partner devoted to superior performance and continuous improvement to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our company is built on the foundation of providing 100% customer satisfaction. We strive in all areas to provide not only an exceptional customer experience and on-time results but to add value to our customers’ core competencies.

When you work with Trans Expert Inc. to provide transportation and logistics solutions, you gain a strategic partner with the knowledge, experience, technology and logistics capabilities to materially improve your bottom-line results.

100% customer satisfaction is built in to everything that Trans Expert Inc. does, whether its providing LTL or FTL freight services, expedited delivery services, storage and distribution logistics, or services tailored specifically to your company’s unique needs. We empower our people to take ownership of your transportation and logistics challenges and provide you with customized, on-time solutions that go beyond expectations.

We pride ourselves on delivering this exceptional level of customer service and we welcome the challenge of meeting your most critical and time-sensitive transportation needs.